Oneberry’s mission is to automate physical security.
With the latest innovative security technologies, increase productivity, reduce costs while enhancing security levels.

Transforming Physical Security & Surveillance
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Transforming Physical Security & Surveillance

Oneberry Technologies is a leading security and surveillance technology solution innovator in Singapore, with a vision to automate security services.

Since founding in 2003, Oneberry stands at the forefront in the security and surveillance industry; offering productivity-centered solutions to help address shortages in security manpower.

Oneberry recently ranked 19th in Singapore's Fastest Growing Companies 2019 survey, and 1st in the security automation category, organized by The Straits Times and Statista. It was awarded Security Agency of the Year in 2019.



Oneberry Technologies is the leader in providing productivity enabled security & surveillance solutions in Singapore, helping our clients reduce manpower wastage and reduce overall security costs.

Technology Partners

We have established partnerships with various technology vendors from around the world, from leading CCTV and access control manufacturers, to video analytics & AI, video management platforms and innovative off-grid power.

Successful Track Record

We have a successful track record across all sectors - government agencies, commercial, industrial and residential security buyers and have provided unique solutions to address their different problem statements to raise productivity.

Champion of productivity

We have always been a champion of productivity and this is in the heart of all our solutions. By doing comprehensive audits and consulting with our clients, we provide a solution that demonstrates increased productivity and enhanced security levels.

Innovator & Ground Breaker

With our in-house R&D team, we are constantly innovating and developing technologies to raise the standards of the security industry. From security robots to cutting-edge video analytics and AI, we create technologies for the future.

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Oneberry offers our clients productivity-enabled security solutions in today’s landscape which is currently facing manpower shortages, rising costs and the need for enhanced security during times of a pandemic & crisis.


Oneberry provides a productivity-enabled security solution that helps companies reduce their security costs and to overcome the manpower shortage in Singapore.

We provide an end-to-end security solution that starts out with a comprehensive security & technology audit of your site, and is completed with the implementation of solutions ranging from access control, visitor & contractor management, anomaly detection, virtual guards, remote monitoring from a 24/7 command centre, security robots, and complemented with security manpower on site, patrol and response teams.

Together, our clients across multiple sectors in the commercial, industrial or residential sectors, can increase their productivity and mitigate rising security costs, while enhancing the level of security on site.


According to a study by Security OZ magazine in 2002, it was reported that an operator will often miss up to 45% of screen activity after only 12 minutes of continuous video. That number jumps to 95% after 22 minutes.

It is clear that traditional CCTV control centres with walls of monitors displaying many cameras simultaneously are ineffective for identifying events in real time, making the need for alarm based monitoring so important.

ARVAS is a AI-assisted video anomaly detection system that requires no input of rules or pre-configuration, using advanced statistical modelling and deep machine learning to detect anomalies instead of conventional rule based algorithms. This automated approach enables more accurate detection of complex risk patterns that would otherwise escape human analysis, highlighting any abnormal behaviour to operators in real time.

Deploying ARVAS not only increases the effectiveness of surveillance but also allows fewer operators to monitor video feeds in a command and control centre.


The Oneberry MobiCAM is the most effective mobile surveillance solution that can be deployed rapidly on a temporary or ad-hoc basis. Deployed with reliable, clean energy off-grid power using fuel cell technology, it runs in any weather with no downtime.

The solution is further enhanced with configurable video analytics such as license plate recognition, facial recognition, crowd detection, anomaly algorithms that help you manage surveillance and detection with increased productivity.

Superior networking solutions utilizing WiFi or LTE networks that allow seamless transmission of video data from site to a command centre are also used to complete the end to end solution.

Use cases include high rise littering, illegal dumping and other adhoc or event security monitoring.

The MobiCAM is available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


The Oneberry RoboGuard® is a product range of customisable security surveillance, concierge and inspection robots.

Oneberry’s security robot KenOBI is a security, surveillance and concierge robot that can help to automate manual security tasks and complement security manpower. It is a contactless security solution serving multi-functional needs that can be integrated across existing building infrastructure such as visitor management, thermal scanning, safe entry, access control and the command centre.

Customise KenOBI to suit the requirements of your facility and integrate this in combination with other Oneberry technologies, so that a holistic productivity-enabled security solution can be deployed at your premise.

Grants up to 80% are available for a limited period for local SMEs – contact us for more details.


As an end to end security solutions provider, Oneberry takes cyber defence seriously, and provides robust solutions to protect your network through advanced threat protection.

Invisiron® is a next generation Cyber Defence solution that will bring productivity and ease of mind in protecting your network. At the core of Invisiron® is C3X™ which features 3 mission critical technologies – 1) Invisible Stealth Mode making it invisible to intruders, 2) Ultra Fast In-Line Packed Processing Speed without any degradation to your network, and a 3) Powerful Bi-Directional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), dropping any malicious packet attempting to enter or leave your network.

This solution is certified with the International Common Criteria Certification and can be applied across multiple sectors including IoT platforms, SMEs, Enterprises and Data Centres.

Productivity Softwares

Oneberry has developed various software to help automate the recording and reporting of security or facility management information and aid the generation of security management reports.

We have developed a suite of software applications including:

Visitor Management System – to efficiently record visitors & contractors coming in and out of a facility, which can also be integrated to facial recognition or other forms of biometric scanners.

Mobile Guard Tour - reporting mobile application for guards to perform their clocking duties efficiently and accurately.

Security Information Management System - to ease the day to day recording of incident reports, key management, staff attendance etc.

Easily integrate with existing infrastructure or technologies to consolidate data collection and reporting.


A great technology solution needs reliable, autonomous power to work.

Oneberry provides off-grid, clean energy using direct methanol fuel cell technology. We are the exclusive distributors of the SFC EFOY fuel cells in Singapore.

Conventional power sources are often unreliable or offer only short periods of supply. Solar-powered systems cannot guarantee a reliable power supply, batteries have very limited autonomy and generators produce harmful emissions. EFOY Pro fuel cells are the perfect power generator, meeting all requirements for stationary and mobile applications – be it continuous or backup power across multiple industries such as security, IoT, Telecom etc.

This off-grid power can be provided to your exact requirements and is available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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